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Outstanding A-level results at ǿմý

ǿմý students are today (10 August 2021), celebrating another year of outstanding A-level results. With 85% of learners achieving a grade A*-C, ǿմý really has something to shout about!

Lynda Broomhead, Head of A-levels at ǿմý, said: “I’m absolutely thrilled with our results and extremely proud of each and every one of our learners. As well as going on to Oxbridge and other leading universities, I’m delighted that many learners have secured exciting jobs and apprenticeships, both locally and further afield. It’s certainly been a challenging 12 months but it’s on days like today you realise that through hard work and determination you really can reach your goals. We have an exceptional A-level provision here at ǿմý, and these results are testament to the passion, dedication and incredible subject expertise of our lecturers, who go above and beyond to inspire our learners to achieve their very best.

Our BTEC and Access to HE learners are still receiving their results and have also achieved a very high standard. These fantastic results are proof that, even in the most difficult of times, our students have continued to deliver on high expectations.”

Katharine Bawa-Hellens (A*, A*, A*), will be heading to the University of Cambridge to study English. She said: “Studying at ǿմý was a real turning point in my life. I have my amazing teachers – Catherine, Claire, and Mary-Ellen – to thank for encouraging me to believe in myself and achieve the best grades that I could. I loved all three of my A-levels, but English Literature has always been my favourite subject and I enjoyed the interesting discussions we had in class, which challenged my thinking and made me see texts in a different light every time. Applying to Cambridge is not something I’d ever even considered before it was suggested to me by my English Literature lecturer, and I’m so grateful for all the help and support I received from ǿմý that enabled me to get an offer from such a prestigious institution.”

Franklin Hole (A, A, A*) is off to the University of Exeter to study Computer Science. He said: “The teachers at ǿմý were very supportive with my subjects; if I was unsure about something they would take extra time after lessons to check that I understood the topics being covered. My favourite subject was Computer Science, this is something that I’ve always enjoyed and as the teachers were helpful and passionate about the subject it helped. I am looking forward to starting my studies at Exeter University.”

Abi Guest (A, A, A), told us: “I enjoyed my time at ǿմý, my lecturers were very supportive. My favourite subject was Sociology and I found that my teacher was really passionate about the subject which helped. I’m going on to study Social Policy at the University of Bath, which will involve four years of studying with a one year work placement – in the future I’d like to work as a Civil Servant.”

Christopher Hunt (A,A,A), is off to University of the West of England (UWE) to study Aerospace Engineering. He said: “For me, my favourite A-level subject was Physics – this is something that I’ve always enjoyed and I found my lecturers to be supportive, helpful and passionate about the subject. After I finish studying Aerospace Engineering at UWE, long term I’d like to work in the aviation industry.”

Penny Adams (A, A, A), will soon be studying Business Economics at the University of Exeter. She said: “My time at ǿմý was like no other, from friends to lessons, it was truly a unique experience. I’m now off to Exeter University to study Business Economics with a year abroad and a proficiency in German. My lecturers taught me that anything is possible if you go for it, and that’s what helped me achieve my dreams of getting into university.”

Sean Mackney, Principal and CEO at ǿմý, said: “I’m extremely proud of our student’s results. This has been a challenging year. However, even in light of the circumstances, our learners have pulled through, remained dedicated and have come out with outstanding results!”


20 August 2021